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The Power Of Names

A name can be the leading label of pleasantness and fame Or attract a rough time of ridicule like moths to a flame But at your parents place no blame For changing a name can be a fun game If your personality and name are not the same For the more Exotic personality Lilith, Hecate, Sheena, or Astarte are fine Or Mary, Nancy, Ann, Katherine or Linda for the more refine So your possibilities and palates do not confine Instead, present your name as a unique wine Laced with lots of delightful discoveries to untwine And at the sound of your name all would want to dine And attempt to indulge in what makes you tick divine A name is like a silent whisper from which people can form their views on you For example, if your name is Roxanne, what comes to mind is a rocky view Of You stood upon a boulder, whip in hand while many masochists crawl around in a queue Therefore it is an excellent name for the hearts as stiff as a statue But entirely incompatible with the faint-hearted and easy to subdue Or if your name is Rita, coming to mind is a diamond as big as Peru While you are liked by many and disliked by only a few Yours is an excellent name for the artistically talented, adding to monotonous lives something new A glorious name need not be song But can be anything that will steal the show like a struck gong Depending on the role you wish to play along With a befitting name, you can never go wrong In some instances, slight changes to a name can help you obtain an image that others won't forget For example, Marge or Margie can admirably be strengthened by a shift to Margo or Margaret The softening or hardening of the "g" can make a vast difference to the world like the sunrise and sunset With a soft "g" and a diminutive "ee" sound Margie adds a quality of helplessness like an infant pet While Margaret, however, has the hard "g" in the centre coming right down like a mallet Followed up with a hard to form "ret" so obviously such a name can present to some listeners an ego-threat A name portrays a great deal about an individual's leadership game While few realise the impact, it has on fame Names are very much like looks and form our human frame So remember whatever name works best for you, do not hesitate to claim

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