• Shenead Poroosotum

Tamera's Latest Luscious Anthem 'Flipside' is a Sugary Sweet Return to R&B

Updated: May 29

Tamera returns with an R&B style ditty as the days are starting to get a little warmer, that follow-up from her ambitious singles 'Romeo' and 'Don't Phone'. As 'Flipside' encourages us to bask in the songstress' thoughts and feelings, it's clear that this track came from the heart.

With the industry being condensed, Tamera has mentioned to New Wave Magazine that she does everything she can to stand out and to be truthful in her craft. She tries to inject the feeling of authenticity and relatability through each of her tracks, which is exactly what Tamera does here. In terms of engaging an audience to correlate with her own thoughts and feelings, 'Flipside' ensures that we all go through things and to brush them off instead of projecting your own issues onto someone else.

Tune in right here!

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