• Megan Warrender

Hendrix Harris explores the darkness with 'AFTERMATH'

'I used to argue with my feelings,

My brain was nothing but a ceiling,

Now Hendrix in control, Tommy step aside...'

Parisian rapper and singer Hendrix Harris battles with himself in his fiery new single Aftermath. The track explores toying with the darker parts of yourself and letting the demons take over, reinforced by the stirring Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-esque visuals. The black and white 1940s style clip serves further insight into the artist’s psyche - the duality between Hendrix and his alter-ego ‘Tommy’. The constant shifting of light and dark and the use of negative space to create tension further sets up the contention between the two characters.

Hendrix’s slick vocals are assertive yet inviting, enticing us into the eery spaces of the track's bass-heavy production. This is an exciting new record that shows the extent of his creativity, and offers promising things for his future. We wait to see what comes next for Hendrix Harris in 2020.

Watch the stirring visuals directed by Kevin Froly below:

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