CREATIVE DIRECTORS - Derrick Odafi, Diego Martinez Chacon

CREATIVE PRODUCER - Jessica Rushforth

PHOTOGRAPHER - Diego Martinez Chacon

VISUAL DIRECTOR - John Serunjogi
STYLIST - Clea Brockes


SET DESIGNER - Jessica Rushforth

GAFFER - Derrick Odafi

MUA - Aoife Hipkin

HAIR STYLIST - Amanda Toto

STUDIO Take More Photos Studio

Hi, How are you?


 I am good just adjusting to lockdown.


We can imagine, are you recording during this time?


Yeah, I am going to the studio on Monday, so that makes it a bit better this time around.

What is the earliest musical memory you have?


Ohhh my god. There are two that are really close together. The earliest, when my mum and her three best friends formed an acapella quarter. I was really small, like before school so around 4. They would just get together in our living room every weekend and just sing arrangements of harmonies over popular songs and originals. And I would just lie on the floor looking up at them building songs from their voices alone. It was always such a magical feeling.


Do you think having that around you so early had an influence on your path.


Definitely, it was never pushed