I just love the variety that music provides us. From lyricists who can compel you with their words, melodies which captivate you from the get go, and of course the brilliance in production.

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Mood Spins ft DJ NICO

For this episode we catch up with DJ NICO, B Joux’s official DJ, to see what music triggers his moods.

From performing in Croatia at Outlook Festival in 2019, to supporting acts such as AJ Tracey, Big Zuu and many more, DJ NICO has been putting in the work across the UK with his high energy mixes. Having grown up in North West London his musical tastes have grown from a wide exposure to different cultures, DJ NICO’s versatile mixes can range from Hip Hop, Bashment, Afrobeat, RnB, Garage, Grime and many many more.

You can enjoy his latest mix, “UK SOUND” in the link provided below at the end of this episode.

What song do you play in your mood of deep thought?

Sing About Me - Kendrick Lamar. The soothing beat always slows me down, in this state I’m deep in thought and putting things from my life into perspective

What song do you play them you’re in the mood to be creative?

La Di Da - The Internet. The funky guitar riffs and the whole composition of this track just gets my creativity flowing

What song do you spin when looking for motivation?

Never Change - Obongjayar, The track is one of my favourite tracks when I’m looking for motivation. The lyrics and the delivery from Obongjayar along with the amazing beat is compelling. The track is a work of art when you digest it properly. The idea of not letting the world change who you are drives me each and every day

What is the first song you listen to when trying to escape boredom?

No Regrets - B Joux. Wavey track, if I’m bored this track always gets me gassed.

What song describes how you feel when you’ve been let down or disappointed?

Leave Me - J Hus... self-explanatory right? Lol. The mellow track along with how J Hus uniquely crafts his lyrics on this one can be a relief to my disappointment/anger.

What song do you play when your friend asks for relationship advice?

Depends on the individual and the situation. You might want to empower a friend or make them realise their mistakes, but sometimes for the mandem they need to remember who they really are,

Galis - Mr. Vegas

What song would you play for a lady to get her attention?

Night Drive - Ari Lennox. There is no way we cannot vibe together to this.

What’s the first song you play when you get passed the aux cord in a house party?

It depends because there is almost a new banger every week, but on a good set of speakers Party Popper - Backroad Gee. We about to get on demon time!

Photos & interview, Frank Rodriguez

Transcript, Matilda Sandi

What song do you play after you just took a loss after a sporting match up?

I’m normally the one to reflect in silence after taking an L, but if I do need some music it has to be something mellow and something to do lyrically with a struggle to reflect how I feel. Tracks such as Fredo’s “Third Avenue” and Koba Lad’s “Cellophané” are 2 examples but Intro - One Foot Out by Nines is the perfect track that captures my feelings in moments like this.

What song do you play when you imagine yourself in a moment of triumph or Success?

There are quite a few songs which uplift me and makes me visualise my success in the future, but one song that has been a favourite of mine forever is Biggie’s “Sky’s the Limit”. The track is an important reminder that success doesn’t come overnight, you must keep pushing on to reach the top.

Listen To The New DJ NICO Mix

'UK SOUND: Volume 001'