Naomi Nimoh

Naomi Nimoh is a New Wave Model that ceases the camera with her graceful silhouette and aesthetic. She enthrall's the frame in various ways, fit for any purposeor dynamic, whether that be a touch of elegance for a streetwear look or the grandeur necessary for an extravagant  and stylish composition.Her strength lies in her effortlessness infront of the camera, from a stern and alluring stare to a beaming smile, she is able to convey the vision that any brand or photographer wants to deliver.

Aside from Modelling Naomi is a multi talented creative with an energetic personality to match. Her graphic designs are an element to her creativity that sets her apart. Not only can she be a vessel to delever a photographic message, she can also deliver a unique creative vision, evident through her artistic eptitude.

As a German and Ghanian she definitly knows how to mix it up, whether that be her look or her creative disipline.

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