A Series by Frank Rodriguez

24 Hours with Jack Risbridger

An introduction to the new website series documenting a day in the life of a creative individual.

Frank Rodriguez begins our new series by spending a day with Jack Risbridger, a talented photographer and filmmaker. Through a Q&A and film photography documenting his day, we gain insight of Jack on a personal level, as he discusses his life, work and creativity, with a touch of wise words for those interested in his craft.


Frank: What’s the time?


Jack: 12:20pm


Frank: What are we doing today?


Jack: We at Brixton Academy for Goldlink’s sold out show.


Frank: How’s it been on tour so far?


Jack: Yeah, it’s been sick I can’t lie we did Dublin, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester so far. This my first tour too so you know.


Frank: Which has been the best venue so far?


Jack: I think Birmingham might have had the best crowd for real but the venue in Manchester was my favourite.


Frank: What’s it like working with Goldlink?


Jack: It’s been an experience for real, we have known each other for a minute and seeing the way things have grown has been crazy. 


Frank: How did you meet Goldlink?


Jack: We met one time in Soho like 5 years ago.


Frank: Did you know who he was before that time?


Jack: No. 


Frank: What’s the best thing about tour?


Jack: I be doing what I enjoy, I don’t have to work in Sainsbury's anymore, I been seeing new places too.

Frank: How are you developing your film whilst on tour?


Jack: I just been going on my days off. I just google or ask people then I’ll ring them all up and just see who can do it fastest and go there.

Frank: What’s the most precious thing you’ve worked on to date?


Jack: I’d probably say this short I've been working on. There was a lot of stuff that went wrong in the process but it would end up working out, like my camera just stopped working one time out in the dessert and we somehow came across a shop in the middle of nowhere that had another super 8 for $20 and it ended up working perfectly, I’m still using it now. But it was quite a few situations like that and also I’ve been able to work with some great people on this project.


Frank: Any names?


Jack: Yeah a lot of my friends for real but it wouldn’t have been doable without Juan Wood, Carmen Dee and Rizloski, there's a lot of others too who helped in a lot in different ways which is why this one so special to me.


Frank: What Camera do you currently use?


Jack: I use a Contax T2 at the moment.


Frank: How do you feel that Super 8 is now becoming more mainstream?


Jack: I think people using film is tight, I hope it continues to grow though instead of becoming like a phase if you get me.


Frank: How would you tell people to find that originality? How do you find that trademark? What did you do and what would you advise someone to do to create their own style?


Jack: Consistency is like the first thing with creating an aesthetic once you figured out what you enjoy shooting but if you tryna find that then you just have to test stuff out like different cameras, lenses, films etc and then you kinda just develop your style  from what works for you.

Frank: What/Who are your references, What’s your inspirations?


Jack: I be getting inspired from a lot of different places, people, cartoons, movies, music etc 


Frank: Album of the year 2019?


Jack: It's a few but I don’t know if i can pick a favourite. I really liked Lucki’s, TTY’s, GoldLink’s, Vegyn too and a few others


Consistency is like the first thing with creating an aesthetic once you figured out what you enjoy shooting.


Frank: Favourite artist of the year?


Jack: Lucki or Drego & Beno for real.


Frank: What’s the most time-consuming thing about your job?


Jack: Developing Super 8 film. That s**t takes like 3 weeks sometimes.


Frank: Could you name some people that you’ve worked with?


Jack: Obviously this year I  been working with GoldLink and I shot a few small things with Brent Faiyaz but generally speaking I be working with my friends for the most part.

Frank: Who would you want to work with/collaborate with?


Jack: It's a few people on my list but I’d love to work with Lucki in some capacity next year and to continue working with the people I been working with these past few years.

Frank: Do you think it’s important to work with your friends?


Jack: Yeah 100%, I think it’s important but only when it makes sense. You don’t have to work with your friends just because they’re your friends though, I think that's something a lotta people get caught up in.


Frank: What are you actually doing during these of periods between now and when you’re not shooting the show? Are you doing behind the scenes?


Jack: I just be kicking it on the bus, I be playing fifa then going round the cities on our off days. I be documenting what we do though


Frank: What’s your advice for someone that wants to be in your position, where they want to work with artists?